If you have photos of field trips, member activities, mineral, gem or related crafts that you would like to share here, please email them along with explanation text for each photo to

  • July 10, 2024 Meeting

    Colton demonstrated the flat lap to the junior rockhounds. They each got a chance to try it out and learned about switching out the wheels to finer grit levels. Then they got to paint rocks during the general meeting.

    The general meeting had the usual refreshments, awesome raffle prizes, and great silent auction options. They watched a video of mineral explorers after discussing club business.

  • May 8, 2024 Meeting

    Junior Rockhounds and Pebble Pups received their first certificates, patches, and backpacks! 

    Jeff Bissely presented on meteorites with an excellent presentation and collection.

  • April 10, 2024 Meeting

    A great showing for both the junior rockhounds program and the general program! In junior rockhounds, the kids learned about the three types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Then they learned about mineral identification: the Mohs scale, a scratch test on tile, and an acid test (which didn’t fizz as much as we hoped so we’ll try again next time!). They are on their way to earning their badges!

    The general program, a special presentation by Scott Johnson, Geology Faculty Member from Cal Poly – about “Local Geological Formations” was very informative. These included the Franciscan Complex melange made of many types of rocks. The volcanic Morros are younger and popped up through the Franciscan Complex.

  • March 13, 2024 Meeting

    Junior rockhounds is taking off! We had nine kids join the second meeting, where they learned about jaspers and piezoelectricity m quartz.

    San Luis Obispo gemclub meeting

    The general meeting, which was packed,  included a special presentation from the O.G. rockhound, Jim Mills, “Rockhound Nostalgia.”

    Some bad rock shop dinosaurs in Jim Mills presentation

    We had the awesome silent auction and the raffle. Join us! Everyone is welcome!

  • February 14, 2024 Meeting <3

    Today we held the very first (of many) junior rockhound programs at 6:15 pm before the general meeting! Kim led with an intro to quartz. The kids got to keep specimens in their newly gifted rock boxes. This may have been the very first meeting, but a good number of families showed up. All the kids said they wanted to come back!

    SLO Gem and Mineral club meeting

    After junior rockhounds ended, the general meeting began at 7 pm. A lot of new people attended.

    Silent auction at SLO Gem and Mineral club

    The silent auction had great stuff and the raffle prizes (if you attend, you get a ticket) were excellent. Then we heard about the huge (250 vendors) Pow Wow show in Quartzite, Arizona from Jeff. This was followed by show and tell. Lots of specimens were given away!

    SLO Gem and Mineral club show and tell

    Come and join some fellow rock nerds. Everyone is welcome!

  • January 10, 2024 Meeting

    Some great options on the silent auction table!

    Silent auction at SLO Gem club Today was a day for show and tell. Many members brought in cool finds and things they needed help identifying! There was petrified whale bone from Santa Barbara county, Benitoite (California’s state gemstone) from Benito County, lots of quartz, UV rocks, and more!

    Show and tell stones, minerals, and gems

    The first junior rockhound meeting will be happening in the February meeting at 6:15pm before the main meeting starts.

  • Holiday potluck meeting!

    The club met early at 6pm with an incredible potluck spread. After chatting and chowing down, it was time to pick a rock themed gift from the pile. Anyone who brought a gift could grab one and then could trade at the end.

    Who knew we had so many members!?!

    After eating and gifts it was time to formally elect the new officers.

    President: Rick Hicks steps up!

    Vice president: Kim Noyes

    Secretary: Evelyn Lopez

    Librarian: Don Moore

    Show chair: Mary Rafferty

    CFMS rep: Dan Manion

    Treasurer: still need someone!

    We will start a junior rockhound program by Kim, Don, and Mike at 6:15 pm on meeting days. Then done by 7 into general meeting! The program for January will be jasper in all of its forms.

  • November 8, 2023 Meeting

    San Luis Obispo Gem and Mineral club meeting at the SLO Senior Center, monthly on the second Wednesday at 7pmWe had a great showing for the meeting this month, which included volunteering people for elected positions within the club. Kim and Mary have been wearing too many hats for years and were ready to hand over the reins.

    • Dan signed up for CFMS liaison.
    • Mary continues as show chair.
    • Kim will cover meeting planning, donations, emails, field trip coordination, and start a junior rockhound program. He reluctantly continues as president.
    • Mike is considering taking on the junior rockhound program where kids can earn badges and prizes.
    • Tammy was volunteered to continue as vice president in absentia.
    • Robbie is willing to take on treasurer if he can have a better list of the duties.
    • Jeff continues as editor and secretary.
    • Tamar continues as webmaster.
    • Hospitality – no takers.
    • Jim as correspondence secretary.

    We watched a movie about Oregon sunstone.

    People shared rocks and crafts. Little Colton won an award!

    Sharing discoveries at the SLO Gem and Mineral club meeting

    There’s also the silent auction each month with so much cool stuff for practically pennies.

    Silent auction at SLO Gem club meeting

  • Attention K – 12 Teachers

    Our September “Gems By The Sea” show met our goals as a fund raising event.  Now we would like to donate a portion of the “Gems By The Sea”  show profits to our San Luis Obispo County K-12 schools in support of education.

    If there are materials on your wish list that you would like in order to enhance your lessons — books, DVDs, equipment, samples etc. – the San Luis Obispo Gem And Mineral Club wants to hear from you.  We will consider requests up to a maximum of $500.  Preference will be given to items directly related to earth sciences or the role that mineral resources have played in history as well as today’s society and then to other STEM related items.

    Email with your needs. Please provide a description of what it is you are requesting as well as approximate costs.  Include your name, school email address, school name, school mailing address, grade(s) taught and the contact information for  the school principal.

    The San Luis Obispo Gem and Mineral Club wants to make a difference in the education of our kids.


  • 2023 Show Summary and Info

    2023 Show Summary and Info

    Thanks to everyone who helped make our show last weekend a success. Things were a lot smoother this year. Last year we had ridiculous
    restrictions and limited access to the building due to COVID. Also last year, there was much pent up demand for events after two years of
    cancelations due to the pandemic. This was probably a more normal year. Saturday was busy, but not a madhouse. Sunday was a bit on the slow side. Even so, the dealers seemed happy. Hopefully we will do even better next year by having the show on the later weekend.

    people looking at vendor booths at a gem and mineral show in San Luis Obispo, California
    SLO Gem and Mineral Club’s Gems by the Seas show 2023!

    The displays, demonstrations and volunteer help throughout the show was great. I hope that the folks who showed up to work found it a positive experience. Expenses, like everything else have increased. We continue to purchase supplies to make a better show and those costs also added up. Many of the items we have had to buy for the show are one time purchases and will not be part of the expenses for future shows. Other than a few more work lights to brighten up the admission table there isn’t much else added to the shopping list. When the club had its 2019 show we had only 5 extensions cords and a couple A-frame signs. Now the club has nearly all the needed supplies for the show, plus we have learned a lot about how to put on a show. We have come a long way over three shows.

    A few receipts have yet to be added into the totals, but it appears that we have $3,400 profit from the show. This will cover our operating expenses
    for the coming year and have funds to provide some mini-grants to local K-12 schools.

    I have put in a reservation request to SLO county for the Vets’ Hall for September 27 – 29, 2024. Mark your calendars. Plan your vacations. Let’s aim for 100% member participation in the 2024 show.

    Meanwhile, if you have feedback — good or bad, please feel free to share it.

    All of our volunteers (and you know who you are) made this show happen. Thank you for all the hard work and looking forward to even more participation next year.

    -Mary Rafferty