people looking at vendor booths at a gem and mineral show in San Luis Obispo, California

2023 Show Summary and Info

Thanks to everyone who helped make our show last weekend a success. Things were a lot smoother this year. Last year we had ridiculous
restrictions and limited access to the building due to COVID. Also last year, there was much pent up demand for events after two years of
cancelations due to the pandemic. This was probably a more normal year. Saturday was busy, but not a madhouse. Sunday was a bit on the slow side. Even so, the dealers seemed happy. Hopefully we will do even better next year by having the show on the later weekend.

people looking at vendor booths at a gem and mineral show in San Luis Obispo, California
SLO Gem and Mineral Club’s Gems by the Seas show 2023!

The displays, demonstrations and volunteer help throughout the show was great. I hope that the folks who showed up to work found it a positive experience. Expenses, like everything else have increased. We continue to purchase supplies to make a better show and those costs also added up. Many of the items we have had to buy for the show are one time purchases and will not be part of the expenses for future shows. Other than a few more work lights to brighten up the admission table there isn’t much else added to the shopping list. When the club had its 2019 show we had only 5 extensions cords and a couple A-frame signs. Now the club has nearly all the needed supplies for the show, plus we have learned a lot about how to put on a show. We have come a long way over three shows.

A few receipts have yet to be added into the totals, but it appears that we have $3,400 profit from the show. This will cover our operating expenses
for the coming year and have funds to provide some mini-grants to local K-12 schools.

I have put in a reservation request to SLO county for the Vets’ Hall for September 27 – 29, 2024. Mark your calendars. Plan your vacations. Let’s aim for 100% member participation in the 2024 show.

Meanwhile, if you have feedback — good or bad, please feel free to share it.

All of our volunteers (and you know who you are) made this show happen. Thank you for all the hard work and looking forward to even more participation next year.

-Mary Rafferty